The WOW Program!

Let's Rock the Weights Ladies

Imagine how it will feel to see your body transform right before your eyes

Weight training does incredible things for a woman's body and confidence, and that is why Inner Fit is bringing you our WOW program online; so you can feel amazing, see results, and experience the benefits of coaching.

When combined with our WOW Lean Eating Nutrition Program, the WOW Weight Training Workouts will burn fat, help you build lean strong muscles, and re-shape your body.

Over the course of 9-weeks, we are going to work out with you 5 days a week in the comfort of your own home.  

You can join us LIVE or follow along with the recordings. Our coaches Rachel, Breanna, Nicole, and Christine will guide you through each session for 4 WOW Workouts.

The WOW program consists of breaking down the muscle groups each week so you see faster results and we have created an inviting program for all levels of fitness.

In addition to your 4 WOW weight training workouts, Kelly, our certified Yoga Alliance instructor will be guiding your body each week with a specifically designed yoga/mobility session to complement the weight training. 

Gentleman, you are always welcome to join in. Weight training is great for both men and women.

Can I Lose Weight with an Online Program?

Sandra Lost 50lbs!

"I’ve been a member of Inner Fit since 2011 and I can definitely say you will not find another fitness studio like this anywhere. All the coaches have been amazing and the community is so supportive and friendly. Rachel, the owner, has created a place where you will love to join in for a sweaty workout no matter your age, fitness levels or limitations. Rachel has created a fabulous online program that can be done live with the coaches and other members or you can do the recordings at your convenience if the time slots do not work. She has a vast amount of recordings available in all different types of workouts that you can choose from to do. I love the convenience of being able to pick a recording and still get in my workout if I can’t make a live class for that day and you have NO excuses to not do a workout ;) The online program has been a saviour for me during the closures both mentally and physically, plus it has helped me to drop over 50+ pounds since January 2021. I’m so grateful that I found Rachel, her studio and community as it has changed my life and love for fitness. Thank you Inner Fit " Sandra Flinterman

WOW Program Week by Week

  • 1

    Intro to Your WOW Strength Program

    • Welcome to the WOW Program

    • Weight Training for Women Balances Hormones w/ Dr. Tyna Moore

  • 2

    WOW Lean Eating Nutrition Program

    • Lean Eating Nutrition Program Introduction

    • 35 Healthy Lunch Bowls Recipe Ebook

    • 100 Whole Foods Recipe Ebook

    • 100 Recipes - Buddha Bowls, Snacks, Treats, Healthy Meals

    • Nutrition Tracker Sheet

  • 3

    Your Training E-Journal & Resources

    • Measurement Tracker Download

    • Training e-Journal Tracker Sheets

    • WOW Weight Training Logbook - Printable

  • 4

    Form Tips & Tricks

    • How To Squat Properly: 3 Mistakes Harming Your Lower Back

  • 5

    WOW Community

    • Join the Facebook Private Group to Connect with Your Fellow Wow Community

  • 6

    Your Yoga & Mobility Training Workouts with Kelly

    • 20 Minute Quad Stretches with Kelly

    • 20 Minute Hamstring Stretches with Kelly

    • 20 Minute Hip Stretches with Kelly

    • 20 Minute Arms Stretches with Kelly

    • 20 Minute Upper & Mid Back with Kelly

    • 20 Minute Lower Back with Kelly

    • 20 Minute Everyday Stretches with Kelly

    • 20 Minutes Stretches Focusing on the SI Joint

  • 7


    • Let's Talk Proteins - Presented by Coach Seay

  • 8

    Week 1: May 31-June 3

    • Your Workout Tracker PDF

    • Sunday May 30 - 1 More Sleep Until WOW Starts!

    • Your Excel Spreadsheet for Week 1 - Please Download

    • Recording - Kick Off Meet & Greet

    • Monday May 31 - Back, Biceps, Rear Delts (Recording)

    • Recording Workout 2: June 1st 7pm- Quads, Hams, Abs

    • Recording Workout 3: June 2nd - Chest, Triceps

    • Recording: Thursday June 3 - Front & Side Shoulders, Glutes

  • 9

    Week 2: June 7-10

    • A Message from Coach Rachel Seay - Week Two, You Got This!

    • Week 2 Excel Spreadsheet Download

    • Your Workout Tracker PDF

    • RECORDING - Monday Workout: June 7th at 7pm- Back, Biceps, Rear Shoulders

    • Recording - Tuesday Workout: June 8th at 7 pm- Quads, Hams, Abs

    • Recording Wednesday Workout: June 9th at 7pm- Chest, Triceps

    • Recording - Thursday Workout: June 10th at 7 pm- Front/Side Delts, Glutes

  • 10

    Week 3: June 14-17

    • LIVE Session 8pm - New Link

    • Week 3 Excel Spreadsheet Download

    • Your Workout Tracker PDF

    • Recording - Monday Workout: June 14th at 7pm- Back, Biceps, Rear Shoulders

    • Recording - The Science of Weight Lifting Monday June 14th 8pm

    • Recording - Tuesday Workout: June 15th at 7 pm- Quads, Hams, Abs

    • Recording - Wednesday Workout: June 16th at 7pm- Chest, Triceps

    • Recording - Thursday LIVE Workout: June 17th at 7 pm- Front/Side Delts, Glutes

    • Video - This Week's Focus

  • 11

    Week 4: June 21-24

    • Week 4 Excel Template

    • Your Workout Tracker PDF

    • Recording - Monday June 21st at 7pm - Back, Biceps, Rear Shoulders

    • Recording - Tuesday June 22nd at 7 pm- Quads, Hams, Abs

    • Recording -Wednesday LIVE Workout: June 23rd at 7pm- Chest, Triceps

    • Recording - Thursday Workout: June 24th at 7 pm- Front/Side Delts, Glutes

    • Video - This Week's Focus

    • 20 Minute Everyday Stretches with Kelly

  • 12

    Recovery Week: June 28-July 1

    • Video - How to Make the Best of Your Recovery Week for Results

    • Let’s Talk Recovery - Mini Session

    • Recording - Community WOW Session Wednesday June 30, 8pm -Your Why, Your Drive, and the Law of Goya

  • 13

    Week 5: July 5-8

    • Week 5 Excel Training Log Sheet

    • Your Workout Tracker PDF

    • Recording - Monday July 5th Workout Legs Training Day!

    • Recording -Tuesday Workout: July 6th at 7 pm- Shoulders & Abs

    • Recording: Wednesday Workout: July 7th at 7pm- Biceps & Triceps

    • Recording -Thursday Workout: July 8th at 7 pm- Chest & Back

    • Video - This Week's Focus

  • 14

    Week 6: July 12-15

    • Week 6 Training Template - Last Week of Hypertrophy! Time to Shine Ladies :) Let's Push Those Weights

    • Idea Fit Presentation - The Effect of Diet Culture

    • Your Workout Tracker PDF

    • Video - This Week's Focus

    • Recording Monday Workout: July 12 th at 7pm- LEGS Day!

    • Recording: Tuesday Workout: July 13th at 7 pm- Shoulders & Abs

    • Recording Wednesday Workout July 14th, 2021 Biceps and Triceps

    • Video - The 3 life-changing ideas in James Clear's Atomic Habits

    • Recording Thursday Workout July 15th, 2021 - Chest and Back with Breanna

  • 15

    Week 7: July 19-23

    • Recording - Monday July 29. Maximum Definition Program

    • Recording Tuesday Workout: July 20th at 7 pm- Maximum Definition Phase

    • Recording Wednesday Maximum Definition

    • Video - This Week's Focus

    • Live Session Monday 8pm

    • Live Session - Atomic Habits

    • Recording Thursday Max Def

  • 16

    Week 8: July 26-29

    • Video - This Week's Focus

    • Recording - Monday July 26th Drop Sets Workout Maximum Definition

    • Recording Tuesday July 27th Maximum Definition Circuit with Nicole

    • Recording Wednesday July 28th, 2021 7pm Maximum Definition with Christine

    • Thursday LIVE Workout: July 29th at 7 pm- Maximum Definition Phase (Zoom Link)

    • Recording Thursday July 29th - Congrats! You Completed WOW!

  • 17

    Thank You for Being Part ❤️

    • A thank you message from your coaches ❤️

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Curious About WOW?

Pricing (includes taxes)

Pricing includes 5 workouts each week for 8 weeks, the WOW Lean Eating Nutrition Program, LIVE Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions, Online Dashboard, and Your training e-Journal to Track Your Progress. *Inner Fit Monthly Members- please ask for your promo code*

Creator of the Wow Program

Founder of Inner Fit & Coach

Founder of Inner Fit Studios, Certified BCRPA Group Leader, Fitness Presenter & Educator

Rachel Seay

Rachel has dedicated her 20-year career to helping her clients succeed in their health and wellness journey. She has lost over 110 lbs herself and she brings not only her education in the world of exercise science and holistic nutrition to the program but also personal experience of weight loss. She has trained nationally placed high-level figure and bodybuilder competitors and brings her experience of stage coaching and strength training to the WOW Program. Rachel is passionate about weight lifting because she knows the longevity it brings to anyone at any age and hopes she can help you reach your goals too. Whether you are new to weights or needing a change, she invites you to join in!

Training Schedule

Week by week breakdown of your training schedule

What Equipment Do I Need?

Dumbbells, Mat, and a Bench

In order to participate, you will need only a few items for training. Our good friend Shannon, from Lifestyle Equipment, is happy to help you with your needs. You can visit Shannon's website here

You will need a few sets of Dumbbells, a Yoga Mat, a Workout Bench (Step benches work great), and optional is a Kettlebell.

For Dumbbells, we suggest starting with 5lbs, 8lbs, and 12 lbs for beginners. If you have been weight training, we suggest 12 lbs, 15lbs, and 20-25lbs or 1 heavier kettlebell (for back exercises).

How Weight Training Balances Hormones

Dr. Tyna Moore

Start Date May 31

Ready to Feel Strong and Confident? WOW Starts Soon!

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About Inner Fit Studios

Located in Richmond, BC, Canada

Inner Fit Studios has been in operation in Richmond, BC, Canada since 2007. It is owned and operated by Rachel Seay, a Certified Group Fitness Leader with the BCRPA.

Inner Fit's mission is to create fun and inviting fitness programs for all fitness levels online and in-studio. 

When COVID hit in March of 2020, the owner, Rachel, had one focus and that was to keep fitness accessible to everyone. During the past year, the Online Fitness Programs at Inner Fit took off and she hasn't looked back. 

Rachel's goal with the Online WOW program is to help everyone reach their fitness goals in a supportive community with qualified coaches from the comfort of your own home. Lifting weights can be confusing and that is why this program will help anyone learn about lifting and see results. 

Whether you are new to our community, returning, or a regular, the WOW program is for anyone and the best part about being online is anyone can join us and we invite you to take part and have some fun with us!

Address: 3511 Viking Way, Unit 11, Richmond, BC, V6V1W1

Contact us info @ 

LIVE Q&A Session

Saturday May 22 at 11:45am

Are you curious about the WOW program? Are you thinking about joining women on weights but have a few questions? Join Rachel Saturday, May 22 at 1145am for a Q&A and we will do a rundown of the program and show you how and why it works.