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Weight Loss Made Easy!

Online Weight Loss Challenge

Sometimes a challenge helps you get started and stay focused on a goal. We know losing weight feels hard but with the right tools, anyone can get to their goal weight. Our goal is to help you succeed, through support, community, accountability, education and giving you the tools you need. We see you and want to help you where you are today. Leaving behind the old stories we tell ourselves. It doesn't matter where you live, everyone can join in. If weight loss is your goal and you are looking for support, we would love to meet you and help you on your journey.

Why Join the Challenge?

Your Coach

Rachel Seay, Owner of Inner Fit

I am so excited about this challenge because I know how amazing everyone feels when they start to see changes in their body. As someone who understands weight loss not only as a fitness professional but as an individual who has lost over 100 lbs, I know how freeing it feels to release unwanted weight. I was more successful when I was accountable and consistent and that is what I will provide for everyone in the challenge. Weight loss does not have to be hard, you are more than capable of reaching your goals and I believe you can do it.

12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Early Bird deadline February 7th

Rachel's Weight Loss Story

120lbs Down and 50 more to go!

What is a 12-Week Weight Loss Challenge?

The hardest part about losing weight is being consistent and accountable to your goals. With a 12 week challenge, we take the 2 biggest hurdles out of the equation to keep you focused. The 12 Week Challenge will not only help you complete the challenge and create consistency, but you will also experience real progress. What if this was what you needed to reach your goal?

12 Week Weight Loss Nutrition Program

Break Free from Dieting

In the challenge, you will lose weight, eliminate diet overwhelm, gain noticeable energy and learn to eat food that you love and makes you feel amazing! I will give you the guidance you need to become your healthiest self so you can feel confident, vibrant, and fully engage with life. You will receive simple, practical tools to start feeling your absolute best, fast.

About the Challenge

Once registered, you will have access to your own dashboard. This easy-to-use dashboard will have weekly videos, check-ins, and several tools to support you. 

Intro Week: February 14-20: Before the challenge begins, we will walk you through the program with a LIVE Online Meet & Greet Tuesday, February 15th. This is also a chance to do your weigh-ins, measurements, and photos in-person for those who are local to Inner Fit.

Week 1 to Week 12: Begins on February 21 and runs until May 15th. Starting on the 21st, Every Monday at 745pm PST, we meet for our LIVE accountability coaching session, which will include weekly topics to set you up for success on your journey. Recordings will be available. 

Over 12 weeks, we will be tracking our progress, having daily check-ins, connecting with each other, and learning about successful weight loss strategies.

You do not need to be a member of Inner Fit. We welcome anyone who is ready to lose weight and could benefit from the accountability and coaching.

The 12 weeks will be a fun way to approach reaching your weight loss goals, a way to meet new people and see that you can absolutely reach your goals. 

Join the Challenge

Let's Do This Together

What's Included

The next 12 weeks we will be setting you up to succeed with the tools and resources you will be provided. Our online program is jam packed with everything you need to reach your weight loss goal!

  • 12 Weeks of LIVE Online Accountability Coaching

  • Tools and Resources to Help You Succeed

  • Weigh-ins, Photos, Measurements

  • Online Member Dashboard

  • Nutrition Program

Shannon's Story

Shannon was trying to lose 50 lbs since the 90’s and with our help, she made that happen. Listen to Shannon’s success story.

What is Accountability Coaching?

Accountability coaching give you clarity on what needs to get done and the accountability to make sure you do it. The weekly coaching and daily support help you eliminate overwhelm, destroy self-sabotage, stay focused, and create healthier habits for your fitness and nutrition.

Let's Talk Fitness

Fitness makes you feel better, increases your results, makes you stronger, burns body fat, and gives you an abundance of self-confidence. Each person will define fitness for themselves. For some, walking 30 minutes every day will be their goal, and for others, it may be fitness classes. The goal is to stay active throughout the challenge and your coaches will help you create a plan that will work for you and your 12-week weight loss goals.

Mindset, Habits, and Goals

Traditional weight loss challenges are about starving yourself and extreme diets. Not this challenge. For the next 12 weeks we are going to do a deep dive into our mindset around weight loss, understand how our habits affect our choices and set goals that we are excited to achieve (no matter how long they take).

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is an eating style that promotes a healthy attitude toward food and body image. Intuitive eating is a philosophy of eating that makes you the expert of your body and its hunger signals. By teaching the practices of intuitive eating and using this method throughout the 12 weeks, you will learn how to be more intuned with your body and see how eating this way helps you lose weight. Rachel lost 120 lbs all through intuitive eating. She did not use any "diet" program.

Accountability and Support

A big piece of the weight loss puzzle is creating accountability for yourself and having a community of like-minded people to support and encourage you. With the 12-week challenge, we will be using a private Facebook group where you can connect with each other plus see each other every week during our LIVE group coaching sessions.

Your Coaches for the Challenge

Meet Rachel and Breanna

Founder of Inner Fit Studios, Certified BCRPA Group Leader, Fitness Presenter & Educator

Rachel Seay

Rachel has dedicated her 25-year career to helping her clients succeed in their health and wellness journey. She has lost over 110 lbs herself and she brings not only her education in exercise science and holistic nutrition to the program but also personal experience of weight loss. She has trained nationally placed high-level figure and bodybuilder competitors and brings her experience of stage coaching and strength training to her programs. Rachel is passionate about weight lifting because she knows the longevity it brings to anyone, at any age, and hopes she can help you reach your goals too. Whether you are new to weights or in need of a change, she invites you to take a leap of faith in yourself and give the programs a try. Questions? email rachelseay @

Fitness Professional and Coach

Breanna Graham

BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader, Indoor Cycling Instructor since 2017. Breanna, now a coach at Inner Fit, started her weight loss journey first as a member. It was after a trip to New York City that Breanna experienced a heavy dose of pain. Instead of going through photos of the trip and reminiscing about the good times, all she could feel was sadness and embarrassment because she was at her all-time heaviest and the pictures were a reminder of what needed to change. Shortly after her trip, she saw an ad for the Inner Fit 16 Week Weight Loss Boot Camp and knew this was exactly what she needed. She lost 40 lbs and soon after became a BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader to help others experience what she had experienced by making a change in her life and taking a leap of faith with Inner Fit Studios. She is looking forward to helping you in any way she can.

Testimonials from Rachel's Clients


When I first joined Inner Fit I was nervous and unsure, afraid that I was too out of shape to even begin working out. That changed the moment I met Rachel, her outgoing and warm personality scooped me in and she gave me all the confidence I lacked. As I joined my first class Rachel introduced me to the other members, helping me to quickly become part of the community. I joined and saw great results, thanks to the motivation and supports created by Rachel. Each week Rachel encouraged me to check in with my "why", my reason for joining the program and goals I had set for myself. Rachel helped me to set achievable but challenging goals for myself, and her encouragement helped me believe that it was actually possible. I started seeing results within the first two weeks and could feel my strength increasing with each workout. Even though a virtual platform, Rachel was able to offer encouraging feedback, making sure my form was correct and ensuring that I was moving safely and getting the most out of each exercise. Throughout the program, Rachel helped me to lose 25 lbs and develop habits for healthy living, which I have continued to maintain, long after the 16-week program began. If you need a coach who is skilled, energetic, supportive and kind, Rachel is the one for you.


I first started taking Rachel’s classes when I was 16 years old and knew nothing about weightlifting. Rachel made the classes more than enjoyable, and I quickly became comfortable in the gym thanks to her experienced guidance. Rachel really made me feel welcomed and confident despite any lack of experience! Whether you are looking to get comfortable and confident in the gym, or are looking for an energetic and challenging workout, I would really recommend trying one of Rachel’s programs. She brings great energy to each and every workout and puts together programs that will leave you feeling awesome! Her abundant knowledge of and experience within the fitness industry is clearly implemented in what she does. I have learned a ton from her! All in all, Rachel is a great coach and I’m certain anyone who has taken her class would say so!

Amanda Fu

Rachel Seay is an amazing coach. She is engaging, uplifting and inspiring. Her classes are fun and she is full of energy. Lucky to have her as a coach!!!


Ever since lifting weights, as part of a regular exercise routine with Rachel, I feel stronger, more confident and have fewer aches and pain. Rachel guides you through lifting weights in a strategic way that brings strength and mobility to your life and well-being. She is always keeping in mind your form and technique to ensure your safety. She is so easy and comfortable to work with and so motivating you will definitely be engaged in working out in a stronger way using weights.


Who would have guessed when I walked into Inner Fit 10 years ago that I’d be in it for the long haul? But here I am today, still going strong. I joined the 16 Week Weight Loss Boot Camp hoping to lose weight and get into shape. Inner Fit has certainly lived up to my hopes and then some. Rachel has created a program where everyone feels welcome, is pushed to their own limits, and is cheered on by all. She provides upbeat workouts that continually change, push us in different ways, and keeps coming back for more. What started as a short-term goal has turned into a life-long change, as I can’t even imagine a week without attending several Inner Fit workouts. Even during this time of COVID, Inner Fit has been an ongoing lifeline of normalcy. Rachel has altered her programs so we can all attend from afar through live or recorded online classes. I can’t imagine not having had fitness during this pandemic. Rachel has created a supportive, energetic, welcoming, dynamic, life-changing fitness center, and community where people encourage each other. If you’re wondering if I should join, stop wondering and try it out. You’ll be glad you did!


Denise's Story is a bit different. She came to us after she lost her weight and used the program to keep the weight off and has done so for over 10 years and still going strong. Here is what Denise had to say. "I have lost and kept off 90 pounds through the weight loss boot camps, fitness challenges, and support of the community. I can honestly say that this community has met and exceeded every expectation I had and some that I didn’t know I had! Rachel and her coaches are encouraging, supportive, and above all, knowledgeable. Rachel has a wealth of knowledge that she willingly shares, and the classes are easily adapted to meet you at your fitness level I also discovered that I have a genuine love of fitness and strength training and have tried things I never would have had I not joined this community. I can honestly say that I owe this newfound active lifestyle to the coaches and the community of Inner Fit Studios."


Coach Rachel makes strength training accessible, simple, and fun! She has the best energy and always ensures each "move" has options for every person, no matter their ability.


After working all day, even with my best intentions, I was never able to stick to a workout plan. After joining the Inner Fit Studios, I found I looked forward to working out with energetic instructors and the fun people in my classes. Being in the program with other people who became friends, helped make the classes something I looked forward to instead of the lonely dread of the gyms. I would highly recommend any Inner Fit program for anyone who is looking to lose weight in a fun environment with lots of encouragement and laughter.

Larrie H

It's wonderful to meet someone who has the ability to strengthen your mind, body and confidence all in one. Rachel delivers her classes in the most candid and professional way. Her words are always powerful yet kind, direct yet gentle - exactly what everyone needs to motivate themselves to be better. It takes more than just a great program to keep going. It's also the sincerity of the person behind it. Rach has both.

12 Week Breakdown

  • 1


    • Intro and Welcome Video

    • Your Support Community

    • Video One: The Fridge and Cupboard Photos

    • Video Two: Why Progress Photos are Important

    • Video Three: Journaling

    • Video Four: Scheduling

    • Video Five: Real Accountability

    • Measurement Charts

  • 2

    🍏 Intro Week: Feb 14-20

    • 📒 Intro Week: Meet & Greet: Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Tuesday February 15th at 745-815pm

    • 🖥️ Intro Week: Accountability Recorded Session from Tuesday February 15th

    • 📒 Intro Week Session 2: Getting Started with Tools for Success: Saturday, February 19, at 11:45am PST

    • Coach Check-in

  • 3

    Bonus Videos

    • 🖥️ Roadmap for Success - How to Create Goals that Excite You! Recording Bonus Session

    • ⚡ Keynote PDF: Roadmap for Success - How to Create Goals that Excite You! Bonus Session

  • 4

    🍓 Week 1: Feb 21-27

    • 📒 Week 1 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday February 21st at 745pm

    • 🖨️ Week 1 Worksheet - Download for LIVE Session

    • Protein Guidebook

    • 🎥 Recording Live Session

    • ✨ Keynote: Week 1 PDF Download

    • Quick Coach Message

  • 5

    🥑 Week 2: Feb 28 - March 6

    • Welcome to Week 2!

    • 📒 Week 2 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday February 28th at 745-845pm

    • ✨ Keynote: Week 2 PDF Download

    • 🎥 Recording Live Coaching Session Week 2: How the Body Burns Fat

  • 6

    🍳 Week 3: March 7-13

    • 📒 Week 3 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday March 7th at 745-845pm

    • ✨ Keynote: Week 3 PDF Download

    • 🎥 Recording Live Coaching Session Week 3: Habits and Recreating Your Outcome

  • 7

    🥦 Week 4: March 14-20

    • 📒 Week 4 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday March 14th at 745-845pm

    • Week 4 PDF Keynote Slide Show - Weight L

    • Recording: Week 4 LIVE Coaching Session - Weight Loss Snacks & Check-in

  • 8

    Your Weight Loss Nutrition Toolbox

    • Introduction

    • What is Intuitive Eating (Video)

    • Intuitive Eating Beginners Guidebook

    • 99 Whole Food Healthy Meals for Weight Loss Ideas eBook

  • 9

    🍇 Week 5: March 21-27

    • 📒 Week 5 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday March 21st at 745-845pm

    • Recording: Week 5 Live Coaching Session

  • 10

    🍑 Week 6: March 28-April 3

    • 📒 Week 6 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday March 28th at 745-845pm

    • LIVE Session Worksheet Please Print or Work from Sheet

    • Discovering Your Mojo Seminar

  • 11

    Tracking Your Progress

    • 🖨️ Printable Weight Loss Tracking Chart

    • 🎗️ Submit Your Starting Photos

    • 🎗️ Week 1 Weigh-in - Monday February 21st

    • 🎗️ Week 2 Weigh-in - Monday February 28th

    • 🎗️ Week 3 Weigh-in - Monday March 7th

    • 🎗️ Week 4 Weigh-in - Monday March 14th

    • 🎗️ Week 5 Weigh-in - Monday March 21st

    • 🎗️ Week 6 Weigh-in - Monday March 28th

    • 🎗️ Week 7 Weigh-in - Monday April 4th

    • 🎗️ Week 8 Weigh-in - Monday April 11th

    • 🎗️ Week 9 Weigh-in - Monday April 18th

    • 🎗️ Week 10 Weigh-in - Monday April 25th

    • 🎗️ Week 11 Weigh-in - Monday May 2nd

    • 🎗️ Week 12 Weigh-in - Monday May 9th

    • 🎗️ Final Weigh-in - Monday May 15th

    • Measurement Charts

  • 12

    🍋 Week 7: April 4-10

    • 📒 Week 7 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday April 4th at 745-845pm

    • Download for Tonight's Session

  • 13

    🍉 Week 8: April 11-17

    • 📒 Week 8 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday April 11th at 745-845pm

  • 14

    🥝 Week 9: April 18-24

    • 📒 Week 9 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday April 18th at 745-845pm

  • 15

    🥕 Week 10: April 25-May 1

    • 📒 Week 10 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday April 25th at 745-845pm

  • 16

    🍍 Week 11: May 2-8

    • 📒 Week 11 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday May 2nd at 745-845pm

  • 17

    🥭 Week 12: May 9-15

    • 📒 Week 12 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday May 9th at 745-845pm

    • Recording of LIVE Session Monday May 9th

  • 18

    🥭 Week 13: May 16-22nd

    • 📒 Week 13 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday May 16th at 745-845pm

  • 19

    🥭 Week 14: May 22-29

    • 📒 Week 14 Accountability Coaching LIVE Session: Monday May 22nd at 745-845pm

Join the Challenge

Let's Do This Together


  • Do I need to be an Inner Fit Member to participate?

    No. We are opening this up to anyone who would like the support of a community of like-minded people. We welcome anyone who has a weight loss goal to join us.

  • What if I cannot attend the LIVE coaching sessions?

    All the sessions will be recorded and posted the following day to watch.

  • How much weight can I expect to lose?

    Weight loss is different for each person. The important part is seeing progress and long-term keeping the weight off. We will help you lose weight in a healthy way so it stays off and we can break old cycles.

  • What about fitness and exercise?

    Exercise is an important piece to any challenge, but you need to do what works best for you and we will provide you options. For some, walking 5000 steps a day will be their daily fitness, for others it is fitness classes. Do what you love to do for fitness.

  • What if I don't live in the area?

12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Early Bird deadline February 12th

Bonus Recipe Books


As a bonus, you will receive a collaboration of simple healthy meals ideas to get you started. We offer an abundance of whole food recipes that you will love and are easy to make.

About Inner Fit Studios

Located in Richmond, BC, Canada

Inner Fit Studios has been in business since 2007. The owner, Rachel Seay, a certified Strenght and Conditioning Coach and Educator, wanted to create a safe and welcoming place for all fitness levels to enjoy fitness and reach their weight loss goals. We have helped thousands of people lose weight because we care about their success and show them how to do it to keep the weight off. Rachel was recently nominated for Impact Magazines Canadian Top Trainer of the Year Award.

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12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Early Bird deadline February 12th